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Generally speaking, a person’s most important online account is the financial account (e.g. bank account , stock account ), followed by social account , etc. Managing these accounts is important, you can record them, but remember not to store them on your computer or phone for important accounts, as any phone or computer is at risk of being hacked. Here is the information about installation and configuration of local mail server for windows (hmail :…
Published: Mar 17, 2012
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Go to the “Delivery of e-mail” tab in the “Settings > Protocols > SMTP” and enter “” in the “Local Host Name” field; Go to “Settings > Advanced > TCP/IP Ports” and configure each of the sub-entries to use as IP address. That’s it! Your local mail server is now up and running.

Mar 05, 2018 · Next step is to create a database for hMailServer installation and configuration parameters including Mail Server details like Domain, Recipients, Protocols and a lot more. Since this is a first time installation let’s create a new database. If we select the other option the wizard will automatically create a local SQL instance based on SQL …

Jan 26, 2021 · Locate the installation file that you’ve downloaded and then launch it. Then, click Next on the welcome page. In the License Agreement page, you must accept the terms. Click Next. Next, either select a custom path or leave the default path where the hMailServer will be installed. Then, click Next.

Start hMailServer Administrator and select Add domain. Type in a made-up domain name such as companyname.local. To prevent confusion, it’s recommended that you do not choose a domain name already used by someone else on the Internet. Make sure the domain is enabled / active. Create the accounts

Sep 29, 2021 · Execute the hMailServer-5.3-B1617.exe file. Change the install location if needed. select both "Server" and "Administrative tools" components for installation. adf Use built-in database which support up to 4 GB of data and should meet most testing requirements. start the installation.

Select which start menu folder you want to place the hMailServer icons in and click Next. Confirm that the settings are correct and then click Install to do the installation. Wait… The installation should take about 10-20 seconds. After the files have been installed, you need to provide the installation program with a main hMailServer password.

Double-click on the "localhost" host name to connect to the hMailServer instance running on localhost. In the password dialog, specify the password you specified during the installation of hMailServer – the main hMailServer administration password, and then click OK. Now hMailServer Administrator is started.

Start hMailAdmin. Click Add domain. Enter as domain name. Click Save The next step is to add accounts to your server. The normal setup is to have one account per email address you want to be able to send and receive email from. If you want the addresses and, simply add this to hMailAdmin:…

Click on Install. Click on Finish to Launch hMailServer administrator tool. Click on connect. Enter password which you have entered during installation. Click on Add domain button. Add your domain name. You can choose any domain name like, or For this tutorial I will use Expand domain section.…

Open Server manager: Click Manage then Click Add Roles and Features: Click Server Selection: Click Features: Scroll until you find SMTP Server. Tick the box to the left of SMTP server: A popup will appear advising on addition features required. …


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